War Mode PUBG: continuous shooting and revival mode has shown up

By | April 20, 2018

[kkstarratings] Event Mode this time of PUBG is no more than Death Match mode which is so familiar with FPS gamers.

Death Match is one of the casual modes of normal shooting game, in which the players are divided in 2 teams with certain numbers of lives. You will fight together until you get enough lives. And finally, this mode has appeared in the popular PUBG game recently.

Of course, this mode is belong to Event so War mode has limited time before the end. According to this, when you play WarMode, you can make team of ten people. There are 30 people maximum means 3 teams. And if 1 team does not have enough number of members, the game still move on.

Score is the way to define the places in War Mode, the team with 200 points first will be the champion. There are various types of score such as: saving allies, killing people,… However, if you knock out or kill your teammate accidentally, you also get minus.

  • Down: +3 points
  • Knocked but not dead: +1 points
  • Revive allies: +1 points
  • Kill / knocked out teammates: -5 points

Once killed, you will be resurrected on the airplane and parachute to begin. The player’s initial equipment includes a grenade, some grenade launchers, armor cone level 1, an AR or DMR. Of course you can still loot and pick up the lure normally to replenish your equipment.

This is considered one of the most attractive game modes not to be missed this week. Currently, War Mode just lasts for 15 days, so be quick to enjoy it!

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