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How to bypass FRP LG V30/G6 Android 8.0 2018

Today, I’ll show you how to bypass FRP LG V30 /G6 Android 8.0 2018 You need: 1. A sdcard 2. Download LGBackup_180326.rar or backup2 and extract to sdcard (pass: technsolution.com) 3. Insert the sdcard into the device LGBackup_180326.lbf MD5:D0D6B7A1A5AE69C36B5323FA32682BA2 LGBackup_180101.lbf MD5:24A4F2BB691D95EAE0A17D9309645C23 LG V30/G6 Bypass FRP: 1. Connect to Wifi 2. Back to welcome screen and select Accessibility 3. Select Vision… Read More »