[PUBG] – Discover AUG A3 – The most dangerous AR GUN

By | April 15, 2018

[kkstarratings] AUG is a AR 5.56mm gun which “Rare hard to find” in PUBG since it only appears in Air Drops. Let’s find out its parameters, features with this article to become a master of AUG A3.

Review AUG A3

AUG A3 is the third version of the famous AUG gun series manufactured by Steyr, Austria. Anyone who has ever played shooting games like Counter Strike or Cross Fire (CF) is no longer strange to the first version of this gun series with a scope and integrated folding handle as shown below:AUG 3

It only appears in the “lure chamber” or Air Drop for the simple reasons: Easy to control and high bullet acceleration. “Drying” AUG is not as difficult as other types of AR, especially when accessories are attached. (In this field, AUG and SCAR-L can add the same accessories). The main weakness of this gun is that time for taking bullets is longer than that of other guns, which makes it disadvantage for close-range combat. Therefore, it is imperative to have the fast cartridge replacement or fast cartridge expansion.

When comparing to the most popular AR in PUBG – M416, AUG has much higher stability which is shown through the bullet line even though both are mounted Compensator and handle as below:

It is clear that the AUG A3 has a much lower horizontal shock than the M416 with equivalent accessories. Do you know which gun to choose?

The maximum damage of the gun will be around 70m, so it will be a good AR for close-range and mid-range battles, although its long-range capability is not bad.

  • Basic Damage Level: 44
  • Output velocity: 940 m/s
  • Zero Distance: 100-500m
  • Basic cartridge: 30 shots
  • Delay between two tablets: 0.086s
  • Shot mode: Single and automatic

Fun facts about AUG A3:

In the simple game, we call the AUG, actually the AUG A3 is the right one in PUBG which is name after the origin in reality with rail picatinny system that can attach a great number of accessories with a bolt release near the cartridge loading point. That is a breakthrough from the first generation.

Here are some interesting and useful information about AUG A3 in PUBG that I want to share with you. Have you mastered the most dangerous AR game like this?

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