[PC] Tencent simulator – Tencent emulator for PUBG Mobile players

By | May 6, 2018

Tencent simulator, From the launch of PUBG Mobile up to now, the number of players who know the game of Battle Royale type has increased more and more, with a myriad of “tricks” to get advantages in the game. Understanding this, Tencent has surprisingly launched a “ownership” emulator to help PUBG Mobile players can enjoy the game right on the computer, and classify the players on the simulator with the ones on the phone to avoid imbalance.

The Tencent emulator, Tencent Gaming Buddy, is essentially the same mechanism as other Android emulators on the market, such as Bluestack, NOX Player. The only difference can be mentioned is that Tencent Gaming Buddy is designed solely for the time being to make the PUBG Mobile experience more attractive.

Tencent simulator

Tencent simulator

Tencent Gaming Buddy – Tencent simulator also gives players more customizable levels of configuration and resolution depending on whether the user’s computer is strong or weak. And of course, when you accept the use of emulators to play a mobile game, the PUBG Mobile system will also partition and rank you against other players using simulators just like you. This action is for the aim making Fair-play for both players on the mobile version.

In order to download Tencent Gaming Buddy – Tencent simulator, you need access the link below to download the installation file. The capacity after installing emulator and PUBG Mobile is more than 1GB so you don’t need to Concern about how much resources the game consumes like the PC version.

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