How to increase FPS PUBG

By | April 9, 2018

In this article, TECHNSOLUTION would like to send you the solution for the drop of FPS or the situation when your sreen is often jerked owing to low FPS (Increase FPS PUBG) when playing PUBG Mobile. Please note that this way is available for Android basis only.

PUBG Mobile has been launched for a while, with the hope to combine all the fundamental elite of PUBG into mobile display. Tencent applied the up-to-date graphics technology to create the like-PC feeling for users. Perhaps that is the reason why users of middle segment mostly face with the jerk screen owing to low FPS (frames/second), meanwhile, the configuration custom setting in game is useless.

PUBG increase FPS

PUBG increase FPS

Come and follow these suggestions to transfer the new configuration for FPS improvement.

  1. Start PUBG Mobile and stop at Log in screen, choose “Repair”, wait for a minute, the system will automatically let all things come back to default and shut down the game.
  2. Restart PUBG Mobile, this time log in the game with the customer of Facebook account, then pick any configuration level.
  3. Access 1 of 2 below links and download the file depending on your need.
  • Setting 1: 50 FPS, Shadows – middle, graphics – middle, with HDR and the maximum vision (Google Drive)
  • Setting 2: 60 FPS, Shadows – off, graphics – low, with HDR and the maximum vision (Google Drive)
  • Note: Although 50, 60 fps is clarified here, the real frame can be lower but still protect playing more smoothly than usual.
  1. After downloading 1 of 2 above files, extract the file and copy folder ShadowTrackerExtra  in your mobile internal storage with the path: Internal Storage/ Android/data/com.tencent.ig/files/UE4Game.

Then restart, play as usual. Check Setting/Graphic: If there is no more Configuration Custom, you are successful, and make sure not to change any option in this.

Have a great day my friend!

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