How to connect PS3 & PS4 Controller to Android and iOS

By | April 18, 2018

Today, Technsolution will show you “How to connect PS3 & PS4 Controller to Android and iOS

Connect PS3 & PS4 Controller to Android (device need to be rooted) – Use Sixaxis Controller app:

Sixaxis Controller has supported PS4 handle with 1.1.3 version that you can download here:!HdY0DYoA!9UTNhJrUtdN414TvkXTLuwMuJc230lG0YP9buyCPYD0

The main display of Sixaxis Controller:

Click the bottom option to see the Bluetooth address of the phone, including 6 pairs of numbers.

With PS3

You can use Motionjoy software to connect.

On the main interface of Motionjoy you choose tab “Bluetooth Pair”

Click the box “Custom MAC” and enter 6 pairs of digits in the reverse direction.

* For example: if “Sixaxis Controller” shows the sequence “”, you enter “”

Then click on “Pair Now”. To test you click the Start button on the software Sixaxis Controller and then turn on the handle.

If the light shows that the handle is fixed, you are successful, otherwise you need to check the steps above.

With PS4

With the DualShock 4 handle, you just need connect the handle via the phone’s bluetooth function.

To connect, you need to keep two “Share” and “PS” buttons at the same time until the light flashes continuously.

Then make a connection like other Bluetooth devices on the phone.

On the display of “Sixaxis Controller”, you just need click the Start button to run.

connect PS3 & PS4 Controller to iOS with “Controller for All”

Note: Only for jailbreak iOS7 – iOS9

First you need to add this source to Cydia:

Next add a tweak “Controllers For All”. The latest version at the time of this post is 1.7.4.

Then, you connect the handle through the Bluetooth function of the phone in Settings – Bluetooth.

You go to Settings – Controller For All – Controller Type to select the type of connection with the corresponding handle.

With the PS3, you need to select “Pair Now” and then the iPhone / iPad’s bluetooth address will appear.

Next step: you follow the way of assigning the iPhone / iPad’s bluetooth address to the handle like the one on Android.

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