How to bypass FRP LG V30/G6 Android 8.0 2018

By | April 3, 2018

Today, I’ll show you how to bypass FRP LG V30 /G6 Android 8.0 2018

You need:

1. A sdcard

2. Download LGBackup_180326.rar or backup2 and extract to sdcard (pass:

3. Insert the sdcard into the device

LGBackup_180326.lbf MD5:D0D6B7A1A5AE69C36B5323FA32682BA2

LGBackup_180101.lbf MD5:24A4F2BB691D95EAE0A17D9309645C23

LG V30/G6 Bypass FRP:

1. Connect to Wifi

2. Back to welcome screen and select Accessibility

3. Select Vision

4. Turn on TalkBack

5. Draw L onto the screen and select TalkBack Setting

6. Hold both Volume up and Volume down button to Turn off TalkBack

7. Scrolldown and select Help and feedback

8. Play videos select Watch later and chrome will open

9. On Signin screen select No, Thanks

10. If your device still goto Sign In screen (Fill your google account)

Bypass FRP LG V30/G6

Bypass FRP LG V30/G6

11. In chrome: Search lg mobile switch  scroll down and select Lg mobile switch (Installed)

12. In LG Mobile Switch select Restore and choose file LGBackup_180326.lbf check all and wait your device restore.

13. Reboot your device

14. On wellcome screen.

15. Hold both Volume up and Volume down button to Turn on TalkBack

16. Repeat Step 5 =>11

17. Search QuickShortcutMaker

18. In QuickShortcutMaker scroll down and find => => Try

19. Done! You can setup without account

8 thoughts on “How to bypass FRP LG V30/G6 Android 8.0 2018

      1. D

        it gives an error when opening it in the drive `Whoops! There was a problem with the preview…Retrying`- this is persistent 🙁

  1. eli

    Does anyone have a 7.1.2 backup? Can’t upgrade to 8 while locked…

  2. Beli

    Stuck on “Installing lg mobile switch apps” from google chrome after downloading, because It ask for security unknown apps. When I go to setting there is no choice to allow apps unknown installation


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