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How to increase FPS PUBG

In this article, TECHNSOLUTION would like to send you the solution for the drop of FPS or the situation when your sreen is often jerked owing to low FPS (Increase FPS PUBG) when playing PUBG Mobile. Please note that this way is available for Android basis only. PUBG Mobile has been launched for a while,… Read More »

How to bypass FRP LG V30/G6 Android 8.0 2018

Today, I’ll show you how to bypass FRP LG V30 /G6 Android 8.0 2018 You need: 1. A sdcard 2. Download LGBackup_180326.rar or backup2 and extract to sdcard (pass: 3. Insert the sdcard into the device LGBackup_180326.lbf MD5:D0D6B7A1A5AE69C36B5323FA32682BA2 LGBackup_180101.lbf MD5:24A4F2BB691D95EAE0A17D9309645C23 LG V30/G6 Bypass FRP: 1. Connect to Wifi 2. Back to welcome screen and select Accessibility 3. Select Vision… Read More »